"tinta dari ilham si kerdil yg mencari selautan MARDHATILLAH ini hanyalah pandangan diri saya dlm menjalani kehidupan harian...sedikit perkongsian diselitkan buat renungan bersama...penulisan ini tiada selain dari hanya..thalaban liridha ar rahman(mencari keredhaanNya) dan shirahan liqulubil ikhwan (menyenangkan hati sahabat2).."

..mg ALLAH mengampuniku dgn setiap pembacaan,ampuni keluargaku,ampuni muslimin muslimat keseluruhannya..

Thursday, June 12, 2008

'glimpse' of time with akka

'Miskin kaya susah senang ada di mana2..
Orang kota orang desa kita semua sama..'

Assalamualaikum kpd pembaca yg kiraam..

Syukur pada ALLAH kerana masih diberikan kekuatan hati dan kewarasan aqal utk terus mencoret tinta thru this blog..

Lots of things happened few days back..only ALLAH knows how hard to pull back the strength..

(thanks to kirin for 'ALLAH knows' song..hope u're doing fine there with exam preparation..thnks too to noreen n bulat for the food n medicine..noreen,your visit really help me put away of thought being weak..go go away fever!!same goes to izzah..)

This time I would like to share a ‘glimpse’ of time I have with akka(sister called by locals here)zeenath..

Who is she?

Akka zeenath work as a cleaner in indira block hostels since 8+ years ago(if I’m not mistaken)..Hostel’s worker like akka zeenath used to clean student’s room and bath room whenever we put our room request in ‘room cleaning’ book..

They will knock our door regardless what time once our room number are in their working list..

Habitually I’ll clean my own room myself…only in certain circumstances which queing assignments,poor health and exam schedule demand more time allocation on those matters..

I hesitate to let them clean my bathroom…still fresh my earlobe stored what mom said to me.. “shame on you if you ask someone else to clean place where you daily take your bath,defecate,micturate etc..etc..while they also have their own bath room back home to be clean..”

But few times I’ve to let them do their job but before I allowed them, I’ll make sure my private ‘wash room’ has been clean myself..

Back to akka zeenath story..

First time she knocked on my door,I’ve already clean my room even I’ve put a request in cleaning list..

Because of the time she came was maghrib and I was preparing myself for prayer,I politely withdraw my request..

I look at her face..she look disappointed..

For the next few weeks,again I request for room cleaning..

Surprisingly,akka zeenath again knocked on my door..

And again I was preparing myself for maghrib..i was wearing ‘telekung’ when I opened the door..then she said,”oh,you want to pray..i’ll come later..”..i replied “yes,ok..give me 10 minutes..”…deep in my mind think that she won’t come again because she might have long list of room to be completed that night..

15 minutes have passed..suddenly I heard a knocks at the door..this time I just finished my prayer and was about to start reading quran translation..

I open the door and again I saw akka zeenath standing and smiling at me..then she ask “room cleaning right?”..

I’ve once put off her offer and I cant do the same twice..so I let her in..

I help her by removing my things to ease her job sweeping the floor..she smile..

While she concentrating on her job,I browse internet looking for news from Malaysia..

Suddenly she asked, “Malaysia?..you Malaysia?”.. “yeah..i came from Malaysia

I monolog-->‘maybe she like to have a chat while doing her job..and I love to have a conversation too..’

She asked further question.. “are you muslim?”… monolog againà‘ermmm..why she asked this kind of question??dont she saw me in covering attire for muslim prayer?..or..maybe she didn’t know..just answer laa naufa’

I nodded and smile..

“oh..i’m a muslim too..my name is zeenath..”

Monolog-->‘oops..i’m surprise now but I understand why she asked that way just now..she doesn’t have any idea to introduce herself as a muslim and I never have an idea to ask!!’

In amazement I replied “owh akka zeenath..nice name..my name is naufa..good to know you are a muslim..where do you live?”

Her face look soooo happy!!..she answer me “udupi..udupi..malpe” with her hand showing somewhere I don’t understand..maybe she want to say that she live in malpe(near malpe beach) but need to take bus to udupi first before she can reach manipal…

Right after that she completed her job..i sign her ‘cleaning accomplish’ book and wrote ‘terima kasih’..i told her.. “terima kasih is thank you..and I thank you so much for helping me clean my room”.. she smile and nodded..she take her step off and saying “assalamualaikum”.. “waalaikumussalam wbt..and hope to see you again”-->I really mean this ‘hope to see you again’..

but i regret one thing..i forgot to offer her perform solah in my room..

The next few weeks,I again request few times for room cleaning coz that time was 3rd block exam and I was not in mood cleaning the room myself..i think I’m not doing it properly..

This time,an Indian female knocked my door..she look so young….deep in my mind I guess she maybe in my age or few years older than me..pitty her..unfortunately she need to do those cleaning job while I can have fun in my youth ages and have the opportunity to pursue my studies to higher level..and with SCHOLARship!!

Like akka zeenath.. I’ve few conversation with her.. I cant remember her name but when I asked her age,unhesitatingly she answered me.. “I’m 20 years old”

Monologà’WHAT??!!..20 years old?my guessing is absolutely perfectly correct!!..what is she doing here?cleaning job??with those rough hand and a few scars on her foot..’

“hey..me too..i’m 20!..i can be your friend right?where are you staying?”

I like making friend regardless their background..

“udupi..udupi..”..hehe..this time no malpe..

“owh..ok..do you have siblings?”

“yes..i’ve four..me..number three..”

“I’m fourth from eleven..”

Then jokingly I asked.. “you’re not married yet right?i didn’t see any ring at any of your toes(hindu female here will have a ring in one of their toe indicating their marriage status)..do you plan to get married?do you have someone now?hehe..”

“yes..yes..not married yet..i’ve someone already and plan to get married after my sister”

The conversation stop there because this time I let her wash my bath room..

Meanwhile,I make some drink for her..she must be tired..from early evening till 12.00am working hours..

She got surprised when I offered her a glass of cold orange..and she look happy..

She have it hesitately..maybe afraid of being noticed by her other ‘collegues’..realise that,I close the door and make her sit..only after that she drink it slowly..

Then she took her step off with smile and relief.. I love seeing people happy and relief after a short meeting..at least I’ve done 1 part of being ‘little’ khalifah -->(make your surrounding a better place for others to live)..

I’ll continue my story about akka zeenath in next entry..patiently wait for it!!really touch story..

..people dont care how much we know untill they know how much we care..


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Anwar Al-Johory on Jun 13, 2008, 8:29:00 PM said...


Post yang menarik. Terkesan baca.

Teruskan usaha cik Naufa..

barakallahu fik...

pai_ilham al-adwa' on Jun 13, 2008, 8:31:00 PM said...

alhamdulillah..tggu sambungannye ek..
but my english is bad laaa...
btw,mg readers dpt message yg mahu disampaikan..tq,kerel!


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