"tinta dari ilham si kerdil yg mencari selautan MARDHATILLAH ini hanyalah pandangan diri saya dlm menjalani kehidupan harian...sedikit perkongsian diselitkan buat renungan bersama...penulisan ini tiada selain dari hanya..thalaban liridha ar rahman(mencari keredhaanNya) dan shirahan liqulubil ikhwan (menyenangkan hati sahabat2).."

..mg ALLAH mengampuniku dgn setiap pembacaan,ampuni keluargaku,ampuni muslimin muslimat keseluruhannya..

Saturday, June 14, 2008

story of akka zeenath..continue..


this evening i bump into akka zeenath and her friends..they were hurried for something..maybe looking for extra income by helping students carried their belongings and heaved it into tempo(small three wheelers truck)..maybe some of them going to move out,staying in more 'self-ruled' environment..=)

so lets continue the story..

after a few days in early june,i got fever,cough,difficulty in breathing and shuddered most of the time..these symptoms last more than a week and it getting worst during night..(getting better each day..alhamdulillah..just some of the symptoms remain)
weather start to change from sweltering sunny climate to a non stop drizzling showery rain..
surroundings become cold..tap water is colder than drinking water from water cooler(especially in the morning)..

my room getting lots of small tiny little visitors..some with 4 legs,some with six,some have none and some with wings..some are good..some are annoying and the most unwelcome visitors are the Mr & Mrs Mosquitoes...everynight got bitten even i've put on the repellent..maybe they are already resist to it..nothing much i can do during 'slumber' time..

with those 'visitors' coming in but not going back to their place,finally they slowly expire(die) everywhere on the floor and each day,the statistic of dying 'visitors' get increase..
cant hel much..they come to die peacefully especially the mosquitoes..after filling their body with tasty blood of mine,they slowly losing 'gait'(they dont walk actually!!)..maybe they never got an idea that the tasty blood of mine is thalessemic blood(nothing to do with this!!)

so..with those small creatures losing their battle in my room and the ability to clean my room with 'out of shape' quality of health,I've requested room cleaning service...
that night,unexpectedly akka zeenath knock on my door before maghrib..i was weak and covered myself with sweater as i open the door..
she smile and ask me wether i'm ready for room cleaning..i nodded and welcome her in..
i help her ease her job by removing my things though i'm not strong enough that time..i've to fight the weakness!..i cant potray myself weak in front of people like her..i mortified myself if i cant stand these given 'illness' from almighty ALLAH when i've lots of things perfectly complete to compare with akka zeenath..i have enough money to buy medicine while she need to work for that..i've everything that i want, things that i need but she dont even have enough for what she and family need..than how can she enjoy on what she want and dream for like what i have now..

conversation start..

Me:how are you today akka?
akka zeenath(A.Z):good..good..
Me:untill what time do u usually end your job daily?
A.Z:untill 12.30 am..
Me:then when will you going home?who take care of your children?
A.Z: next morning..start working at 12.00pm..
Me:.owh..(she dont answer my second question yet...!)..you have children?(with curiosity)
A.Z: Yes..i've two childrens..they still small..2 boys..12th and 10th years old..i've been married 18 years..
Me:owh..alhamdulillah..that's great!..why are you working here?..last time you told me that you've been working here for so long..why is that?
A.Z:i've to take care of my family..my husband has passed away 10 years ago when my second child 8 month old..he died of being killed..murder..
Me: (stunt!!)..murder?!!owh my..i'm sorry..so that's why you work here..(terjawabla persoalan saya kenapa la akka zeenath ni nk sgt kerja kt sini jauh2..bukan senang nk naik bas smpi manipal from Malpe..lebih setengah jam perjalanan yg tak best!)
Me:so..who taking care of your child while you working here?
A.Z:last time my mother is healthy..she stay with me and used to help me cook for the children while i'm away for job..my father has passed away because of heart attack..
and now my mother is sick..she too got heart attack..she need to take medicine everyday..about 5-6 pills..now my job is doubled..i need to take care of my two children myself and tak a good care of my mother..and i need to have more money to provide medicine for mother..
Me:(speechless)...oh..you have been working so hard!..you are very tough akka..u look fine even you have lots of things to think about..

by the time i'm saying this..she already finish cleaning the floor..very clean!..no more small creature!..then she ask me..
A.Z: are you ok?i tension looking at you?tension..
Me:(puzzled!!..what did she mean by her word 'tension'?)..err..are you saying that i'm not look good?i got fever actually..
A.Z:ya..ya..i tension look at you..sit..sit..have a rest..tomorrow you go to hospital..ok?..tomorrow only you have to go!
Me:..hmm...ok..but i feel a bit better..i have to fight the sickness..it's not serious..maybe due to the weather..
A.Z:ya..ya..its getting cold outside..tomorrow go to hospital!!
Me:ok akka...do you have your lunch alredy?..i've biscuit..(i dont cook that day..nothing much to offer)..
A.Z:..yes.yes..i have it back home before coming here..
Me:ok.ok...i'll make you coffee ok?..please have it..
A.Z:nooo.no..you are sick..i've to make for you..i feel enough already when you ask..
Me:..no..akka..it's ok..i'm fine..just a little weak..you help me clean my room already..i cant let you go without doing something good..(baik punye ayat!!)
A.Z:no..no..you rest there(showing my bed)..i'll clean your bathroom now..
i make her a cup of coffee while she in the bathroom..and take out a pack of Parle-G biscuit and chocholate i've from malaysia..
after finish cleaning the toilet..she ask me..
A.Z:you have cloths to wash..i help you wash it ok?dont worry..i do it to help you..i wash it ok?
(i have a half full pail of laundry waiting to be wash)
Me:no..no..akka..you help me enough already..no..please dont wash..i'll do it when i feel better..i'll wash it tonight!
A.Z:dont worry..you have fever..i tension looking at you..i help you..washing machines downstairs are send for repair service..i'll help you wash ok?
Me:..no..no..please..i'll embarrass myself in front of you then..please dont akka..it's ok..i usually wash it by hand..hmm..i already make you a coffee...please have it..
she smiled and have the coffee while standing..
Me:..please have a sit akka..its ok...just sit on my bed..i'm ok with it..we are the same..even you have help me alot..how i wish i can help you more..do you know any muslim here?
A.Z:i'm the only muslim working here..last time there is one muslim girl name habibah..she always help me by collect money for my mother medication and give me new cloth and saree when in ramadhan but now i dont know where she go..everyday i pray so that i can see her..she is very nice..i pray for her success..sadly,she failed one of the subject..she is intern..i dont know where to find her..last time she help me a lot..
Me:owh..how nice is she..we pray that ALLAH will give the best to her..if you need anything,i wish i can help..hope to see you again..this is chocholate from malaysia and biscuit..i want you to have this..again i wish i can give you more..hmmm...how you get here?by bus?
A.Z:yes..i have to take two buses from malpe to here..it cost me rs12 one way..
oh,thnk you so much..i'll pray you will get better soon..i'll keep this for my children..thnk you
Me:..sure..you help me more than i can give..you make my sorrounding good..so i have to do the same..

she was about to go..i really hope to see her again..before she go she said.."i'll invite you during ramzan(ramadhan) to my house..small house only".."it's ok..let me know your family..thnks akka..assalamualaikum..see you again!"..she smile"waalaikumussalam..

her story sgt laa terkesan dlm diri ini...mg d peringatan buat kalian juga..sama2 kita lihat sekeliling kita dgn hati..do our part as 'little khalifah' as much as we can even it just a small matter..without you notice,it make somebody feel good...kadang kita terlalu memikirkan yg besar2 hingga terlepas pandang perkara kecil..have a nice day everyone..mg peringatan kita kpd hidup yg sementara dan akhirat mengiringi pebuatan dan gerak laku kita seharian..tanya pada diri di mana letak akhirat dlm hati kecilmu...


..people dont care how much we know untill they know how much we care..
p/s:sorry bahasa tunggang langgang sket..n some part nk cepat type..hope all yg membca fhm..do refer at my previous post('glimpse' of time with akka') for the best understanding on this post..

4 pesanan:

ana adalah ana on Jun 14, 2008, 11:31:00 PM said...

Assalamualaikum wrt
moge2 cepat sembuh ye naufa..nice post..ana masa dok hostel jarang skali panggil aka..susah sgt nk dpt aka kat PG blok tu..ape2 pon..sonok bile dpt kenal n bantu muslim2 yg bkn malaysian..barulah kita dpt phm n hayati erti saudara-mara sesama muslim..saudara Islam..k jg diri tau..

Anonymous said...

Naufa, ini ayah and mak reading your blog with lots of emotions. MasyaAllah that was a touching rendition of how magnanimous a humble person present herself, and what better way to respond by being equally nice and humble to her. Its 'what you are' *(i.e. honesty, sincerity, trustworthy - ehsan) that touch people, and not so much of showy 'what you know'. Hope and doa that you are better now. Big hug and love from home. Ayah and Mak.

pai_ilham al-adwa' on Jun 15, 2008, 11:35:00 PM said...

maisarah...her story really effect me..same2 kte bantu insan yang memerlukan..mg dgn cara ini menghampirkan mereka kpd keindahan ISLAM..Islam mmg milik bersama..keindahan islam patut dirasai bukan sahaja muslim tp non muslim juga..

pai_ilham al-adwa' on Jun 15, 2008, 11:40:00 PM said...

Salam,ayah mak..thnks for the doa..air mata dan doa sahaja yg mampu mengubat rindu yg tak terkata ni..who i am today berkat didikan mak ayah dan hikmah yg dikurniakan ALLAH melalui pengalaman hidup..namun masih lg terdapat kelemahan pada anakmu ini..naufa masih menagih didikan dan pesanan ayah mak juga teguran sahabat..mg mampu jd anak soleh buat mak dan ayah..selamanya..mak ayah,naufa akan tunaikan amanah yg dicitakan..insyaALLAH..
salam sayang buat AzHuda Co..doa naufa iringi sentiasa.


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