"tinta dari ilham si kerdil yg mencari selautan MARDHATILLAH ini hanyalah pandangan diri saya dlm menjalani kehidupan harian...sedikit perkongsian diselitkan buat renungan bersama...penulisan ini tiada selain dari hanya..thalaban liridha ar rahman(mencari keredhaanNya) dan shirahan liqulubil ikhwan (menyenangkan hati sahabat2).."

..mg ALLAH mengampuniku dgn setiap pembacaan,ampuni keluargaku,ampuni muslimin muslimat keseluruhannya..

Sunday, November 9, 2008

cerita hati...

salam to all
coretan hati ini hanya sekadar mahu mengurangkan ralat yg bersarang hari ini..
I’ve 5 younger sisters and the one I would like to mention in this entry is Ruqayya...Qayya so called twin kak teh..=)
Today is her 12th birthday..
You have grown up,dear qayya..the way you think and act are much mature to compare with your age…
You thoughtfulness towards people proved by your simple act..
You are the one who always asked me “kak teh perlu apa2 lagi tak?”
“qayya nak belanja kak teh kali ni” even you realized that you just have RM 5 in your pocket..You sacrifice as much as you could to make me smile when i'm back home..

Your advices and reminders for me were very sincere..always remind me about the Almighty ALLAH..
Your stead fast for solat sunat motivate me to upgrade my ‘ibadah..
Kak Teh really miss you..
Sometimes I mistreating you like a small child..but you have grown up,dear..
You noble humble and easily forgive make people touched…
You cried alone whenever you sad…
You hide your grieve to make people felt ‘okay’ with the wrong doing they did unto u..
But pity you,people take you for granted…
Kak Teh love You whole heartedly..
My prayer and reminder about you never end..
You put me into tears whenever I recalled all your words you wrote for my 21st birthday gift..
I miss you so much and time keep me feel feel guilty.
Guilty for not being at your side during your 'grown up' life..
Guilty for not able to be near when you need me..
Guilty for not accompany you throughout your hardship..
Guilty for not always be prepared to hear your misery..
Guilty for not able to share my love with you as am far away(always)..
Guilty whenever you cried because I am far from you..
Guilty for so many reasons that I cant make it to be the best sister for you.
Above all that,I always miss you and kept you in my prayer…
I love you for what you are…stead fast and keep up the all good things you have been practiced in passed 12 years..
May ALLAH make the best things happen for you through out your life..here and here after..
May He too grant you with akhlaq hasanah and ‘urge’ feeling to be a better muslim each day..
To all my other siblings…I miss you all so much that everytime I recalled each name,it just put me into tears…

I miss Kak Long,Kak cik,naheed,Im,abg ngah,abg,zainab,safia n hafsa too..am mean it soooooooo much!..
I learn so much from Kak Long’s experiences in life..and till now she was the best companion and shoulder for me to rely on..
I acknowledged kak cik for her spirit to achive high in education and for her skills in cooking…
I miss Naheed..we are the best ‘wrestling coupled’..fight make our heart grow fonder..i recognize her for easily forgive and her care towards me..plus,her English was so good!!
You grown up too,dear naheed..i felt the same guilt towards you for what I felt for Qayya..
I miss seeing zainab with her beautiful smile and blurr character…always,I forgot that she were already a teenager..you will only turn 14th this coming 10th december though the school session for this year already come to an end..
I miss everyone at home…

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