"tinta dari ilham si kerdil yg mencari selautan MARDHATILLAH ini hanyalah pandangan diri saya dlm menjalani kehidupan harian...sedikit perkongsian diselitkan buat renungan bersama...penulisan ini tiada selain dari hanya..thalaban liridha ar rahman(mencari keredhaanNya) dan shirahan liqulubil ikhwan (menyenangkan hati sahabat2).."

..mg ALLAH mengampuniku dgn setiap pembacaan,ampuni keluargaku,ampuni muslimin muslimat keseluruhannya..

Saturday, November 29, 2008

.::value of Rs50 make me ponder a value of LIFE::.

Salam to all readers..
(especially to mak n ayah..hope both of you in shielded conditon and protected from any harm throughout the journey)

Felt pain on my back..sometimes the intensity aggravated without alarm..intolerable feeling...since the accident happened..now come the rashes n cold..
Rashes on the hand and foot become uncontrolled and now ,come to realise it's already got into stage where these rashes bleed...am a bit scared..

I have difficulty to tidy up my room after the exam(back pain and unusual feeling to collpased)..lots of sawang hanging in my lavatory..cant help to clean it due to my back pain..

so,again..i called akka..but not akka zeenath..akka Hema(just know her name)..Akka zeenath came to my room yesterday asking for my condition..she look so happy because her house patch-up already to complete..she invite me to her home(in malpe) whenever i can..she empahsise it several times..not to dissapoint her.."insyaALLAH..insyaALLAH..Alhamdulillah,I am happy to hear that you and family may now settle down better.."

Back to my story about akka Hema..

actually,she already come to my room several times doing her cleaning duty..always,i try to potrayed a good value of a muslim by giving something to cheer her up after she has done her part,..(though it's only sebiji musumbi and i dont think it's help much!)

just now she came again..as supposed to be the beginning,i wrote my room number and time when i am available for the cleaning 'session'..i dont prefer using the word 'cleaning' for this 'session'..so let it just be 'time to introduce me as a muslim'..a good muslim..AllahuRabbi..

so now come the scene..

Hema:hai..how are you feeling today?have the rashes gone?(while looking at my hand)..have you go to hospital?

Me:hmm...not really but i think it look better(actually it's worsen)..am not going to hospital yet coz i want to sit for exam and visiting hospital nad waiting to get a treatment will consume lots of my time..

Hema:oh my..aisheh(sound effect that usually uttered by most of d akka here to show their concern..it's only if you know them,you will realise this..hehe..hmm)

Me:(try to adjust the topic..dont feel like to talk about any pain now)..akka,what happened in Mumbai?why they fight with each other?why must they fight?...

Hema:ooo..yaa.really bad situation there..muslim and hindu fight with each other..even to get a water also they will fight(not really understand this..water???)..*sigh*..yaa..muslim and hindu hate each other..

Me:why akka?why they act such a manner?muslim shouldn't do harm to public..why must hindu and muslim fight?

Hema:yaa..but here is ok noo?(cam ckp kedah plak akka nih..haish..)..muslim and hindu here ok..you are muslim right..(asking this with a big smile)

Me:yes.i am a muslim(answering with a big heart)..and you are hItalicindu right?we are not fighting..hehe..

Hema:ya..ya..here is very good nooo..(again kedah dah mai kluaq)

then Hema continue her job in lavatory..then she askd my permission to cleared off those sawang..i just keep silent..(diam tanda setuju..)

she quickly get one sweeper and 'attack' all the spider webs..and then she look around my small filling room..and she start climbing up my chairs but now without any permission!..
she clean up the ceiling fan..
here come the story leading to her climbing action!..
actually while she was busy in the lavatory,i took a sweeper and clean the fan myself..but when she realised it.."no..no..(this time not speaking kedah but really a NO..)..you sit there,doing your that(that??ermm..she pointed at my laptop)"

"it's ok la akka..i used to do this at home..my siblings including me are eleven altogether(showing my open hand..but just got ten to show up!)..my parents has traind us to do lots of houseworks..even all the work u did,i do when back home..nothing difference.."

she grab the sweeper form my hand.."no..cannot..here,i do the job..not you..sit..do your that..(again..'that'..it's a laptop/computer, akka)..i do the work"

ok..fine..i'll sit silently in front of my 'that'..chatting with sleepy nurul...haih..chatting with a sleepy person in turn lead to a sudden silent..=)

suddenly i heard some 'ringing' tone..wasn't mine even i've 4(really??hyperbola..)..she asked a permission to answer the call..err..
"it's ok akka..just answer the call"..
then a permission were asked again with an excitement(i dont know why).."i'm going downstairs..just for one minute ok..only one minute.."..with her geleng2 kepala style..=)

"ok..ok..no problem.."

after more than a minute..she rushed back to my room..with fast breathing rate,she explained.."sorry,i bring luggage..one student coming back..we take her luggage to her room and i got Rs50(with full excitement)"
then, she continue to explain the full picture behind her sudden excitement..
"you know..(no, i dont)..my girl go to school by bus..and actually yesterday i must pay for the bus ride but i dont have money..so my girl cannot go to school..today i am really happy,i got 50 rupees to pay that sum.."

the excitement 'infect' me..really!..how precious the value of Rs50!!
"owh..alhamdullillah..that's so good.."

"yaa...yaa..very good.."..she agreed

"you know 'alhamdulillah'?we,muslim will said that...Alhamdulillah..it's showing our gratitude to Almighty God..to relate the good things happened unto us because the blessed from Him..what do the hindu said in your way to say thanks?i mean to thanks Almighty God in word.."

"erm..we just say thanks..only thanks"

"ooo..ok..yup..thanks the God.."

she nodded with smile..

after completed her job with the extra work,i offer her a mat(tikar yg dh berhabuk atas almari)and gave her a pack of 500g milo which i bought a week before but not feel to consume it in this few days..(tekak sakit..)

"my girl really like to drink this..i know she really like this"..seems like they were hardly to purchase it..for me,i am more than afford to buy the 80rupees(approximately RM7) milo..

before she go,i have to sign the 'complete my job' book..i wrote there..'spasiba*!!'..(thnks Kid for teaching me the word!..dobry!)

*spasiba-thank you in russian language..

then the pain come again..oh ALLAH,you give me so much that i need in life..even i able to enjoy and adopt things i want..why should i continue sighing with dissapointment when i know that much better 'gifts' are waiting hereafter..

and i know i supposed to be stronger in the sense to adapt with difficulty in life..that's what mak and ayah has tought me..because ALLAH near to His servant when they cried in weak..
Thanks Naheed n Nurul for cheering up my night...i smile in pain..coz i know,that's the best i can do to help ease the 'pain'..
family pic with atuk n wan..raya 2007 without me..(not in pic:me,kak long,mak,ayah)

Kak Long,Kak Cik,Abg Ngah..really miss you all..Kak Long,wait for my call..and make sure that little 'prebet' aqil answer my call!

little 'prebet' admitted

nab and acah..akak tak makan kek batik sbb igt kat both of you..
adik,abg,im,qayya...am never stop thinking about all of you in my prayer..
Kak Emma,happy belated ulangtahun kelahiran...waiting patiently to get to know you better!
Abg Long Farizan..jage kak long tau!..slmt dpt baby baru!..insyaALLAH..

Pain..please ease my journey to ALLAH..it's ok for 'you' to be part of me...am willingly accept..

Am only have one God..and there is no God i obeyed and devoted my life to except ALLAH..

Anaconda@banana n Gemok1,thnks for the love and care...and others too!

thnks a million to adeq for the memories...take good care of urself...kerana dirimu begitu berharga..walau hati berubah...

..people dont care how much we know untill they know how much we care..

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As on Dec 9, 2008, 6:35:00 AM said...

naufa..back pain sebab ape ye..tibe2 or lepas eksiden..?


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